Patisserie Classes

There’s nothing more rewarding than creating French delicacies with your own hands. And then eating them!


Learn the secrets of creating beautiful French desserts from award-winning pastry chef Keva Freeman. Keva was born and bred in Adelaide before honing her patisserie skills in Europe, and she wants to share her knowledge and expertise with you.


Join Keva to learn how to make the perfect French macaron, how to decorate cakes using buttercream, master a perfectly shiny glazed entremet or how to create a show-stopping croquembouche. You will also find seasonal classes at Easter and Christmas, including how to make Hot Cross Buns and Gingerbread Decorating.


Classes are suitable for all skill levels, whether you are a complete novice or you want to polish your existing skills. Keva creates an inclusive and nurturing hands-on learning environment to inspire confidence so you can recreate beautiful French pastries and desserts at home. 


During the class, Keva will simplify complicated recipes and techniques to help you develop skills to craft pastries and sweets successfully once you have left the class. Keva shares her recipes, insider tips and tricks, and knowledge of where to source the correct ingredients and tools locally.


A Sucre Patisserie class is a unique experience. They are ideal as a special gift, hen’s party celebration, Mother’s Day experience, a way to spend time with friends and family or as a team-building day for businesses. If you would like a custom class for a special occasion, please get in touch.


All patisserie classes are held at 397 Magill Road, St Morris, just 6km from the Adelaide CBD. Light refreshments are provided including coffee from Mighty Coffee in the Adelaide Hills.  


Check out the Class Dates and Times to explore our upcoming classes. 


Classes are designed for adults, please contact Keva prior to booking if you would like to bring someone under 18.

French Macarons

Would you like to learn how to make macarons or have you had difficulties in the past with mastering this delicate, almond based French specialty? Here’s your chance to learn the methods as well as the tips and tricks to achieve stress free, beautiful macarons from an industry professional.



Would like to learn how to make a show stopping croquembouche but don’t know where to start? Have you had problems making choux pastry in the past or have you attempted making a croquembouche but it’s collapsed? Patience is the key! Here’s your opportunity to learn the methods as well as the tips and tricks to assemble a beautiful croquembouche.



Would you like to learn how to make flaky, buttery, delicious croissants from scratch but are overwhelmed by all of the steps involved?

Keva will demonstrate from start to finish how to make the ultimate French pastry…the croissant, by hand (no machines required, just bring your muscles!). You will learn how to roll the classic croissant as well as the pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant)!

Entremet Glazing

ET Glazing.webp

Have you tried making a mirror glaze at home, but it never quite works out? Does the mousse cake melt while you’re pouring on the glaze? You don’t achieve the shine or the effect you were hoping for? It’s all in the temperatures & little details! Here’s your opportunity to learn the right processes as well as the tips and tricks to make a delicious, beautiful, shiny glazed entremet.

Modern Tarts


Would you like to learn how to make sweet pastry tarts but can’t get your edges nice and straight or your pastry sinks and melts when baking? Learn all the little tips and tricks professionals use to make perfect tarts!

Decorated Choux Pastry


Would like to learn how to make choux pastry but don’t know where to start? Have you had problems making choux pastry in the past or have you attempted making the pastry mix but it’s collapsed in the oven? It’s all in the timing and methods! Here’s your opportunity to learn the correct processes as well as the tips and tricks to make beautiful, fluffy choux pastry as well as how to fill your buns with a variety of fillings and decorate them.


Classes will only go ahead if all tickets are sold, in the case where they are not, the class will be cancelled and you will be given a refund. If Sucre Patisserie cancels the class for any reason, attendees will be offered a place in the next available class or given a refund.


Refunds will not be given to individuals, if requested less than 30 days before the event. If you purchase a ticket and cannot attend the class last minute, you can send someone in your place, please make Sucre Patisserie aware of this change in advance.

These T&C's apply to covid-19 related cancellations, please be aware when booking.

If an attendee has special needs please contact prior to booking to see if this class can be adapted accordingly or you may want to book in for a private class - Sucre Patisserie classes are quite involved and not suited for all learners.