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Croquembouche - Shani.JPG

If you are looking for a traditional French dessert which will WOW your guests, look no further than the stunning Croquembouche. French translation = crunches in the mouth.

Croquembouche is made up of freshly baked choux pastry profiteroles, traditionally filled with vanilla bean creme patisserie, dipped in caramel with spun sugar. A stunning cake for any occasion.

*Croquembouche cannot be refrigerated (due to the caramel & spun sugar melting) and needs to be consumed on the day it is made. 

A select range of these are available to purchase in the online store with just 5 days notice.

Please allow at least 2 weeks notice for your custom cake or dessert order.

Please fill in the Custom Cake & Dessert Enquiry Form and email any relevant images, we will be in touch with 24-48 hours.

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