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Keva Freeman | Pastry Chef | Consultant

Benefits of using a consultant

Using an oncall pastry consultant for home bakers or professionals can be a great way to improve baking skills and techniques. A consultant can provide personalized advice and guidance on a variety of topics, such as ingredient selection and baking techniques. They can also provide troubleshooting tips and help to identify and correct common baking mistakes. Additionally, an oncall pastry consultant can provide valuable insights into the latest trends in baking and help home bakers and professionals stay up-to-date with the latest baking innovations. All of these benefits can help home bakers or industry professionals become better bakers and create delicious pastries.

Keva is an award-winning pastry chef with an impressive career history. She has worked at prestigious locations such as the Hyatt in Adelaide, the Cable Beach Club Resort in Broome, and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. Keva has also taken her talents overseas, working in Paris, Scotland, and England. She has since returned to Adelaide, where she runs a thriving pastry business, teaching aspiring home bakers and chefs. Keva is also a certified trainer and assessor.

Specialising in:
·      Pastry
·      Baking
·      Cake decorating 
·      Chocolate
·      Breads (not inclusive of sourdough)
·      Restaurant desserts

What does an appointment include?
·      Troubleshooting
·      General advice
·      Material & ingredient resource information
·      “Get me out of my baking disaster!” calls
·      Phone or video calls

What it doesn't include:
·      House/ business call outs
·      Recipes or menu development
·      Classes or training sessions (group or individual)
·      In person training/ consulting

Contact Keva for any of the above to arrange a customized consult that works for you.

Terms & Conditions: This service includes advice and tips which may require a certain level of competence in baking etc, Keva will aim to give you answers & advice which suits your skill level, however this may not always result in the desired outcome. These appointments do not include follow up calls or messages for additional advice unless discussed and agreed to in advance. No refunds will be issued once an appointment has been booked. If Keva cancels for any reason you will receive a refund.


397 Magill Road, St Morris

South Australia
sucrepatisserieadelaide@gmail.com0490 077 146

MONDAY - closed

TUESDAY - by appointment

WEDNESDAY - by appointment

THURSDAY - by appointment

FRIDAY - by appointment

SATURDAY - by appointment

SUNDAY - closed

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